“Runners Ep.2”

Nick as reached the national guard along with a horde of infected. Now having been overrun Nick and the soldiers are now on the run with the infected closing in.

(Directed by: Giovanni silva
Written by: Giovanni Silva and Joe Sanchez)

The worst zombie movies…

Vandaag hebben we een lijstje voor je met zombiefilms die zó ontzettend slecht zijn, dat je ze beter links kunt laten liggen. …Tenzij je natuurlijk bij dat groepje mensen behoort waarbij films niet slecht genoeg kunnen zijn 😉

“Make it until morning 2”

The World is no more what it used to be, humans fight for survival everyday with only one thing in mind…Make it Until Midnight. This Apocalyptic short film is a sequel to the 2016 short film “Make it Until Morning”. Following Caseys arrival to the quarantine zone that left her seeing something that would question her survival, we follow her story as she meets survivors, undead, and perhaps a man that has the cure to this ravegous infection.

(Director: Grant Berrios)


In post- apocalyptic Malaysia, a little girl name Hawa is locked in her room by her parents. To kill time, she plays around and entertains herself. Everything changes the day a little boy name Meng arrives at the house next door. His presence, although not welcomed will soon spark a journey. Little did they know, horror and danger beyond their wildest imagination awaits.

(Directed and Written by Tan Ce Ding)

“Zombie Family”

Zombie Family Short Film is a slice of life from an All-American Family of…ZOMBIES! Ahhhhhhh! Get ready for some Brain Eating, Throat Ripping, Arm Tearing, Masturbating FUN! For the first time ever, the show you all enjoyed as a Web-Series is now available as a complete Movie!

(Directed by: Joseph Nathan Weisman)